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District A Deserves More….

With so much work ahead of us in District A I will deicate myself as your full time councilman.

I believe the District A can have a bright future.

With a pleniful workforce an located at the busiest port in the United States in terms of foreign tonnage, second-busiest in the United States in terms of overall tonnage, and thirteenth-busiest in the world. we have great opportunity for growth and prosperity.

I have continuously work over the last 10 years to improve the district and with input on capital improvement plan and I have been able to get much needed infrastructure work in the district.

The Northside has not had a realistic plan to address the many issues it faces.  Even though a large portion of the budget was spent on much needed infrastructure work, we must begin implement a plan for the district so that we can have a safe thieving community of homes, industrial and commercial properties.

I have already been working for you as one of your Commisioner of Planning and Zoning, promoting economic development, preserving open space, and protecting public safety.

I ask you for your support and your vote in the May Election as your next City Councilman.

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